PRESS RELEASE: High Grade Fractionated Coconut Oil Now Available On Amazon

Posted by Kari Wilson on

Access to premium grade fractionated coconut oil is now just a click away with Bayleaf Botanical's listing of their fractionated coconut oil on Amazon. December 08, 2015 - Blaine, WA - Formulated from 100% pure high grade fractionated coconut oil, this multipurpose oil is the ultimate moisturizer for repairing damaged skin. It features rich emollient properties that make it ideal for those battling dry and sensitive skin.Also favored for its hypoallergenic and antiseptic properties, Bayleaf Botanicals fractionated coconut oil is excellent for creating hair serums, bug repellent and other cosmetic products. Its light, soothing, non-greasy properties makes it an excellent massage oil...

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